The Beatles’ Top 6 Guitar Moments

The Beatles were one of the most iconic bands of the century with some of the greatest music in the world. Let’s celebrate their most iconic moments and the special moments they shared.

Here are the Beatle’s Top Six Guitar Moments.

1. Abbey Road – “ Something”

While the Beatles were already on the verge of breaking apart in 1969, guitarist George Harrison came into his own as a guitarist and songwriter. In his contribution to the song “Something,” his guitar playing skills were masterful. In fact, his leading lines were more expressive than anything he’s done before.

2. Abbey Road – “ Here Comes the Sun”

Harrison’s chord melody on this song was quite exemplary as the chords of the guitarist supported the vocal melody of his acoustic guitar. Harrison’s pick-strum technique was formed in the way of the hand gently swinging back and forth over the strings in an up and down movement. Harrison selectively grazed through the particular lines on the different up and down beats which created a casual mix of full-chord strums, notes and clusters.

3. Abbey Road – “I want you (She’s so heavy)”

In one of the most massive rock and roll jams, John Lennon dedicated the song for Yoko Ono with whom he was newly romanced. As a result, the lyrics spell bounded with the obsessive repetition and the guitar lines succeeded throughout the song.

With over 7:47 minutes long, the song is one of the longest songs written and performed by the Beatles. While the song consists of a verse and the chorus repeated several times, it is one of the most intricate tunes.

4. Revolver – “ I’m only sleeping.”

That backwards guitar solo Harrison performed on his Lennon song used an expression to create the volume-swelling sound. Harrison wanted to hear his guitar in reverse, which has a decision that was inspired by Lennon’s retrograde vocals.

Instead of improvising the guitar lines while the track played backwards, he prepared the lead lines in a five-bar solo. Harrison then performed the lines which lead to the music as a result from the song’s dream-like ambience.

5. Revolver – “And Your Bird Can Sing.”

Written by John Lennon, the song was created with harmonic guitar melodies with a pop-rock approach. Together, McCartney and Harrison’s individual harmony lead guitar parts created a quick half-step and whole-step bend that McCartney and Harrison incorporated into their parts. When played together, their precise intonation of the harmonised lines created the song’s blended lines.

6. A Hard Day’s Night – “A Hard Day’s Night.”

While the moment lasted a mere three seconds, the opening chord to the classic “A Hard Day’s Night” was one of the greatest rock and roll moments in the musical industry. The bright and bold sounds started not only the last album of the Beatles but also the beginning of a cultural transformation of the influence.

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