Hello, and welcome to my page!

Dustinbentall.com was founded by me, Dustin Bentall, in 2016. Having been born and raised nearby Orlando, Florida, music has always stuck to my veins. I’ve played for countless bands since high school that ranges from country to rock and indie rock.

It was the Christmas I turned eight when I picked up my guitar and have never looked book. I believe it’s not only the sounds of the guitar that excites me but also the aesthetic and passion it brings.

While I work as an IT specialist by day, my nights are filled on stage with my band. Since 2009, we’ve played in a variety of festivals, events, recording an album, and toured on and off in the mid-west.

In this blog, you will find plenty of content that revolves around the love f or guitars, how to become a better musician, write your songs, and even the best gadgets you can use for your guitar. I’ve used an extensive amount of gadgets and music tools since the early days and found great devices that help enhance the sounds and bring guitarists to love with their incredible tunes.
Feel free to contact me to learn more about my blog.