top 6 electric guitar gadgets 

Looking for cool gadgets to help enhance your guitar play? Now there are tons of cool gadgets that allow guitarists to tweak knobs, simulate violins, lube strings, and spin brass. 

Discover the top electric guitar gadgets. 


The eBow is an electric bow device that works as a substitute of a guitar pick and allows the guitar to mimic the sound of wind instruments, orchestral strings, and saxophones. 

Peeplug Device  

This optical express device connects to the pedal’s expression pedal jack and gives you the opportunity to control expression via proximity to the sensors. The Peeplug works with mono or stereo cables as well as collaborate with a variety of speech pedal inputs. 

Big Bend Nut Sauce 

Believe it or not – this is an actual gadget. If you want to stay tuned and end string breakage, the lubricant applies to the bridge, pivot points, and string guides. The gadget itself is safe to use and don’t spill all over the guitar or leave any stains. 

Shubb AXYS Reversible Guitar Slide 

Do you have trouble playing with the fingers as you use a slide? The Shubb AXYS Reversible guitar slide rotate behind the hand and give fingers the freedom for fretting. The massive bronze slide can be rotated to provide great sounds. 

Pedal board Preamps & Buffers 

Pedal board buggers are tiny lines that keep the signal high with bypass pedals. The tone of the guitar will lose pitch traveling through more than enough guitar pedals. The buffers and preamps provide the low drive to send signals to the pedals with no loss of tone. 

Abalone knobs 

Substitute your guitar knobs with the attractive abalone knobs made of pearl and abalone tops. There are a varied styles and colors to choose from where you can make your guitar a unique appearance. 

What gadget do you use for your guitar? Comment below and let us know! 

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