It’s been a year for rock and roll in 2016, and we’re here to provide some of the best guitar songs of 2016. 

White Bear – The Temperance Movement 

With the gritty vocals, smashing drums and show-stealing guitars, the Temperance Movement has made us all fans in such a short amount of time. White Bear is all power of the talents that share equal parts of power and instruments. 

Dark Necessities – Red Hot Chili Peppers 

With the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest album The Getaway, Dark Necessities is the top single of the album. As the melodic piano starts off, the unexpected kick of the bass sets in and creates the tone. 

Loser – Beartooth 

It appears that Beartooth will have a hit future as the Aggressive album’s preview song “Loser” caught our attention. The dynamic mode speaks for itself as you dive deeper in the songs. 

Bored to Death – Blink-182 

This year, fans got to have the bittersweet taste of Blink-182’s new single “Bored to Death” without Tom DeLonge. However, despite the missing piece of the band, Bored to Death is an iconic addition that is surely fitting with the group’s comeback. 

Black Honey – Thrice 

After an extended hiatus from the music industry, Thrice has made a splash with an album on their To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere album. Black Honey is just an active remind of how amazing the band is. 

Get High – Rob Zombie 

Get High is another rocking tune with power drums, big riffs, and aggressive overload belting. There’s no doubt this iconic band can produce sounds with infectious energy.