As a parent would love to see his kids around and vice versa, so is the musician and his or her fans. Fans of Dustin thought it was not good to just listen to music without having a family of the same musician. That is why they thought it would be good to ensure that they have one community to ensure that they share things about Dustin’s music. The site helped Dustin to grow because the fans themselves were supporting him through buying his products in large numbers because they did not want Dustin to die musically.

Sometimes Dustin could be invited to the website to share one or two things about the latest albums, current projects and future plans for his fans. This was done through the website. Many of the collaborations that he has done with musicians is because of complaints from fans that they would like to hear him joining his efforts with so and so. Today he has a lot of fans through this site because people know where to get him and communicate with him effectively something that many musicians do not have at all. Just ensure to get a visit.

Creating the site was also an easy way for people to get his music, albums and other products perfectly. Today he has made a lot of sales from millions of fans across the world. The fans also ensured that his music was marketed over YouTube and social media which made people to know all the new music that has been released. It is a page that was for the fans and the musician mutual benefit with one aim of providing entertainment.