Top 5 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

Most guitars are famous because of their sounds; many are famous because they look good externally, and then some guitars became famous only because they were played in the most iconic songs of all time.

Here are the most iconic guitars of all time.

Gibson Les Paul

As one of the most iconic guitars of all time, this guitar is purely famous for its mellow tone. No matter what country you live in; guitar players are always one of the coolest talents on this planet. Take Buddy Holly for example. Give him a Stratocaster, and he’ll turn from a full-time accountant into a rock and roll machine. In fact, guitar players have paved the way to creating new styles of music and trends.

Here are the greatest guitarists of all time.

Jimi Hendrix – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

As most guitar players view the guitar regarding tones and scales, Jimi Hendrix saw the instrument as a tool for his imagination. The talented guitarist is known to create sounds out of his Stratocaster and Marshall stacks that no one ever thought of making. What makes Hendrix stand out from the rest of the iconic players is how he could play beautiful music without the use of studio tricks and sound effects.

His performance has also shocked well-known artists like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton who view Hendrix as some supernatural being.

James Hetfield – Metallica

Most metal guitarists envy the power and precision of Hetfield’s right hand. Not to mention his talented ability to create the most awesome riffs humankind has yet to experience. While the most guitarists are known for their significant egos, we can’t help but understand just how talented he is. With years of success, Hetfield’s rise to the game did not change his humble attitude. He was not another rock star to married a supermodel or became an art collector. Instead, Hetfield stuck to his roots and spent his off time building cars.

Slash & Izzy Stradlin – Guns N’ Roses

If you intend to look at some of the most important guitarists in rock music, there is no doubt that Slash and Izzy Stradlin wouldn’t be included. The duo has created some of the coolest collaborations ever as they provide a sort of “yin-yang” to provide colour and create contrast. Both the artists have created solos with raw power chords and rhythms that will go on to inspire other inspiring musicians.

Eddie Van Halen – Van Halen Band

What makes Eddie Van Halen cool isn’t just from how he changed the way the guitar is played, but also single-hand hot-rod guitar where they perfected the two hand technique. Van Halen also created the legendary sound that guitarists today are still trying to replicate. He can create an album with nothing but white noise and still make millions as his perfectionism caused him to spend years on every detail of their album. He even refused to release a new album until he felt that it was ready for the public.

Keith Richards – The Rolling Stones

The iconic guitarist made it is life’s mission to live on the edge as he performed on stage blatantly stoned with his defined looks, attitude, and swagger. His playing skills asserted the rhythm and riffs that are part of what created the backbone of rock music today. An entire generation discovered the blues and effortlessness by following his musical lead.

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