6 Benefits of Playing the Guitar

Have you ever wondered why guitarists look so relaxed on and off stage? Some artists even appear to be on a whole new level of energy. Many studies have claimed that playing the guitar will not only boost your brain power but enhance your core strength and sex life and much more.

Here are six reasons why you should play the guitar.

1. Heighten the pleasure

By playing the guitar and listening to the music you create can make excellent – orgasmically speaking. According to studies from the McGill University, listening to music can trigger the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the same chemical that is found to be released during sexual intercourse. You can consider it as musical masturbation of some kind.

2. Help reduce stress

Do you feel a bit of stress from your everyday tasks such as work, family or even relationships? Studies show that grabbing your guitar can help reduce stress as music can reduce stress on a genomic level. Getting lost in your music can reverse the body’s response system to pressure and anxiety.

3. Reduce chronic pain

Forget the long list of medication of chronic pain and rock a beat or two. According to a recent study from the University of Utah, listening to music and creating music can help take your music off pain and ultimately reduce the effects of chronic pain.

4. Sharpen the mind

Give your brain a workout by playing the guitar. Studies from the Cambridge University claim that the spirit of musicians continue to be creative even when they are not playing their instruments. Playing music as a form of practice will shape the process and produce a creative way of learning.

Another study in Scotland claims that playing the guitar – or any musical instrument can increase your mind and sharpen your brain function. This will help guard against the mental decline in the future such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and schizophrenia. Go ahead and start playing to enhance the mind.

5. Strengthen the heart

Musicians are known to have high cardiovascular systems. A study from the Netherlands found that patients who practice music for at least two hours a day have shown a significant drop in blood pressure and a lower heart rate than those who do not play. Three out of ten musicians were guitarists.

6. Increase your appearance

Believe it or not, research shows that carrying a guitar around can boost the attention of others and improve your appearance. Why? Studies show that women tend to relate the musical ability with commitment, intelligence, physical endurance, and hard work. Women tend to associate those qualities with your ability to a healthy manhood, according to research.

Guitarists can gain the many health benefits of listening to music just as they play music. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences claim that not only does music make for substantial background noise; it will also make exercising cause less fatigue.

Have you experienced any of the following benefits of playing the guitar? Comment below and share your story with us!